Monday, July 30, 2012

Solar Power Trees

AES Solar is working on a new concept of Solar Energy - Solar Power Trees.

The concept of solar tree draws inspiration from natural forms of trees whose leaves and branches grow out in a way that maximizes their exposure to the sun. Following tree patters like the fibbonacci spiral, opposite and whorled, solar trees are capable of producing more energy when compared to conventional flat panel arrangements. These designs mimic leaf and branch arrangements and make solar power generation more optimized. 

This design can prove to be a boon to urban landscaping where area availability and shadowing errors are always big constraints. Solar tree is an optimum combination of advanced solar technology and aesthetic requirements of urban set-ups, addressing environmental and power needs. 

This project celebrates nature, design, art and the power of solar, all at the same time...!! AES hopes to bring this concept into implementation mode soon.

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